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Twelve Empowerments Parenting Training

The Twelve Empowerments Training is a twelve part series focusing on key points and precise instructions for gaining assurance in Open Intelligence, accessing your greatest wisdom for parenting and life.
  • Gain clearer understanding of how to take short moments of open intelligence in everyday life
  • Acccess your ability for loving and respectful relating
  • Experience mental and emotional stability, feeling relaxed and powerful no matter what you are thinking or feeling
  • Harmonize relationship with yourself and your children, empowering changes in challenging relationships, personally and professionally
  • Resolve resentments from your past and recognize natural love and gratitude for your parents (results guaranteed) love yourself like never before!


“I am able to relax with my own data even when I feel I am not a good enough parent or when things seem to go “wrong”. With short moments of complete relaxation, I see solutions and feel empowered.”
Klara, Sweden

“The benefits are numerous: I am more calm, patient and open with my children, it now feels effortless to be present and listen deeply.”
Larch, UK

“The Twelve Empowerments have given me the confidence to trust that in each unique situation, I have the skillful means to respond beneficially, treating my children with respect and gratitude while allowing them to be exactly as they are no matter what emotions are arising.”
Michelle, Canada

Email ParentTeam@HowToBeAHappyParent.com for inquiries and upcoming dates.

“Due to the potent benefit found in short moments, we naturally rely on open intelligence. Open intelligence is automatically enlivened in all daily activities due to our growing familiarization and confidence. By getting accustomed to this, our recognition of open intelligence becomes stable and obvious. We become stable and present for our kids and family.”

Mia Castle,
Happy Parent Trainer