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Everyday Parenting: Twelve Empowerments

TWELVE PART SERIES: 2-1/2hrs. Each Part, Twice Monthly

Prerequisite for The Twelve Empowerments: The Solution or the '5-Part Micro-Learning Course 'It Starts with YOU.' 

The Twelve Empowerments Training is a twelve part series focusing on key points and precise instructions for gaining assurance in Open Intelligence, accessing your greatest wisdom for parenting and life.

  • Gain clearer understanding of how to take short moments of open intelligence in everyday life
  • Acccess your ability for loving and respectful relating
  • Experience mental and emotional stability, feeling relaxed and powerful no matter what you are thinking or feeling
  • Harmonize relationship with yourself and your children, empowering changes in challenging relationships, personally and professionally
  • Resolve resentments from your past and recognize natural love and gratitude for your parents (results guaranteed) love yourself like never before!
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The Solution

Four Part Series: Local and online video meetings, 
1.5 hour each in length
Prerequisite: No prerequisite
Current Local Offering:
Country: Bristol, England
Date and Time:
Thursday, Dec. 14th, 9:30am-11am GMT 
We have within us a naturally occurring impulse to be of benefit to our children, but it is not enough to want to be of benefit; it is important to know how to be of benefit. That is where the true skillful means of a parent come in. In this four-part series, practical and potent instructions are shared for gaining assurance in open intelligence—our greatest skillful means and core competency. Train up open intelligence now.
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Class Price: $50.00
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Weekly Parent Support Calls

Every Friday, 12:30pm-1:30pm PT, (9:30pm-10:30pm CET) and every Monday, 8-9pm PT, 4-5am GMT (next day), 3-4pm AEDT (next day)

No Prerequisite:

People from all over the world join together via video conference to support each other in normalizing and empowering their everyday experience of parenting. Support calls are facilitated by Happy Parent Trainers who respond to your questions and empower solutions for enlivening the practical benefits and immediate results of relying on open intelligence.

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Class Price: $10.00
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Note: Schedules are listed in U.S. Pacific Time. For easy time conversation please go to