Mia Castle

I was fortunate early on in my parenting to find support that brings immediate relief and lasting results. As a Certified Educator, a Happy Parent Trainer and a degree in psychology, I have worked decades with parents from many countries, continually seeing the practical benefits of empowering parents and children through education in the nature of Intelligence, truly knowing what it is to be a "Happy Parent". 

As there are many circumstances facing parents and children today, I specialize in addiction support, LGBT support and empowerment for kids and parents and death/grief support.

Currently, I am enjoying life in Marin, Ca.

Cheyenne Rivers

After years of trying to live up to my own expectations and well-intended efforts as a mother, I found immediate and permanent relief through recognizing the true nature of intelligence. This has resulted in being the parent I have always wanted to be. Nurturing and caring for my two children is completely enjoyable and easeful even in times of challenge. 

I feel honored to be a Certified Educator and Trainer with Happy Parent while also working as a consulting teacher in public and private schools.

I offer support for families globally, including extra support needed during the teenage years—empowering respectful relating, and empowering gifts, strengths and talents for the benefit of all.

Presently, I am residing in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S.