Can you speak about the difference between parenting books regarding communication and discipline vs. parenting as open intelligence?

I have read so many books on how to communicate with my child, everything from self-help to positive discipline. The solutions in these books all sound really good and quite ideal. The problem is that when I read the suggestions, it requires me to remember what to say or do for each circumstance. The approaches are contrived and required effort and strategizing on my part. 

In understanding our nature and our children's basic nature as open intelligence, all effort and contrivance goes out the window. Inherently, we house spontaneous responsiveness rooted in deep love.  By gaining familiarity with open intelligence our mind, speech, body, qualities and activities are pervaded by ease and the natural ability to be with our children effortlessly with complete clarity, love, joy, service and skillful means. Even during very challenging moments!

Posted by Mia Castle