Recently on a Happy Parent support call, a question was asked about what to do when kids are not getting along and how heartbreaking it is when we see this.

I remember when my two children were younger and my older son completely disliked his little sister.  He would do anything he could to tease her or make her cry. They were constantly battling and my daughter didn't know what to do; she was always upset. I wanted to fix the situation and tried to come up with strategies that would help alleviate the constant tension.  None of my strategies really worked, and if they did it was always temporary. 

The most powerful and lasting effect on their relationship has been MY education in open intelligence. Recognizing my innate stability and ability to relate respectfully and then demonstrating this moment to moment has had a huge impact.

Because of my consistency of relating respectfully, simply treating children as human beings, my daughter is empowered to relate to her brother with love and respect. Over time, he has begun to trust her and open up to her love.  

My children are now nineteen and thirteen years old and they have the most incredible relationship. 

It is wondrous to know that due to our own uncontrived stability and the clarity of nature's intelligence, all of our relationships are harmonious. Most importantly open intelligence clarity acknowledges and empowers our children with their own inherent goodness to be of benefit.

Posted by Cheyenne Rivers