When our children experience affliction, there is often an immediate reaction to change or control their  thoughts, emotions and sensations in order for them to feel okay or to make the circumstance better. Whether children are stirring up feelings or emotions within us or we just do not want to see our child suffer, we often feel we must do something.

What if we allow negative thoughts, emotions and sensations to be exactly as they are and support our kids to do the same? The thing is, all thoughts, emotions and sensations resolve naturally, just like a knot in a snake. The snake does not have to do anything about the knot that naturally occurs, it simply undoes itself. So too, with the variety of upset: jealousy, anxiety, anger and hatred, these all resolve naturally. When everything is left as it is, children recognize that they are not victims of their upset. Afflictive states are just a part of life and they do not need to be acted out or turned into stories or big drama. They are allowed to flow on by.

Posted by Mia Castle