Early on I recognized I had a highly energetic child.  As my son continued to grow and develop, it was clear that he loved spontaneity, moving constantly, enjoying the moment and often times not able to focus on the tasks at hand, usually regarding school and academics. In the early years, I didn't know what to do with all of his energy and often felt exhausted trying to manage and control his behavior. 

After being introduced to open intelligence, my entire approach to parenting changed. By relying on the clarity of open intelligence, I was able to relax in the midst of my son's lively and often distracted disposition. No longer was there a need for him to be different.

I chose not to apply labels such as ADHD and focused on his gifts, strengths and talents.  The result of this approach was astounding. When entering secondary school, he was able to speak openly with me about his lack of focus and asked for help finding solutions. This was truly incredible! With openhearted relating and supporting him in who he is, we were able to work together to find solutions for fulfilling his commitments in school and being responsible in all areas of his life.

Posted by Cheyenne Rivers