Right now around the world, there is a growing community of parents who are living easeful and empowered lives with the support of the Happy Parent Support Network, enabling the sharing of empowerment directly with their children through their own demonstration.

The education and network of support available through Happy Parent is life-long and accessible to all. Each parent, grandparent and child care provider is empowered through the support of the Happy Parent Support Network: practice of short moments of complete relaxation repeated many times, the trainer who offers empowerment and support specific to each individual, the Parenting Trainings including all media and the growing community of participants who meet online and in person sharing together their empowerment, continual insights and successes in relation to parenting.

As each parent is supported to know themselves as Open Intelligence, each child is immediately and directly benefited and empowered. At last, the most essential education for all parents everywhere is available and herein lies the effortless, unstoppable and inexhaustible empowerment and assurance of all children everywhere.

  • For me the benefits of relying on Open Intelligence, and the Happy Parent Network has helped me more than anything else to live with my children in balance and with respectful relating. It is a great support to meet with a trainer and other parents and child care providers in the ongoing Community Parenting Support Calls. I can bring any problem to the calls and feel so supported to go back and face these situations in my everyday life. It is also beautiful to share solutions with members of the Community and see that we are never alone, and that we share so much in common. I recognize the results of this in the way my children and I respond to all kinds of situations. My love for them just keeps expanding.

    Catrin K