Right now around the world, there is a growing community of parents who are living easeful and empowered lives with the support of the Happy Parent Support Network, enabling the sharing of empowerment directly with their children through their own demonstration.

The education and network of support available through Happy Parent is life-long and accessible to all. Each parent, grandparent and child care provider is empowered through the support of the Happy Parent Support Network: practice of short moments of complete relaxation repeated many times, the trainer who offers empowerment and support specific to each individual, the Parenting Trainings including all media and the growing community of participants who meet online and in person sharing together their empowerment, continual insights and successes in relation to parenting.

As each parent is supported to know themselves as Open Intelligence, each child is immediately and directly benefited and empowered. At last, the most essential education for all parents everywhere is available and herein lies the effortless, unstoppable and inexhaustible empowerment and assurance of all children everywhere.

  • My motivation for joining the Happy Parent Support Network is wanting to be a better parent to my child. The community provides the most extraordinary example of loving, empowering parenting, including how to view the day to day complexities of parenting from a more expansive perspective. The weekly Community Parenting Support Calls are absolutely invaluable to me. Not only is my child supported, but I have also recognized great power within myself.

    Caroline P.

  • The Happy Parent Support Network is of the most incredible support to me personally as a parent. The Parenting Training has been a total revelation, to see what’s possible for the children at the youngest age, and how it is to empower them to make their own decisions and to settle their own feuds with each other, to find solutions for themselves, to help and do lots of things for themselves that I never ever would have considered was their responsibility. It’s not how I was brought up. I see the immense benefits in genuine empowerment for children to be treated as human beings, enabling them to do everything that they can do.

    I take great refuge in my Trainer to work through anything that’s coming up for me as a father. This includes just the fact of being a father and having such an immense responsibility to be with the children so much and to have to devote so much time to them. I feel like I would be completely lost without Happy Parent's support.

    Henry D.