For 45 years the principles of Happy Parent, developed by the Founder, Candice O'Denver through her experience of raising children, have empowered and supported families around the world and revolutionized how we relate to ourselves and our children. The results are increasing happiness and joy, empowering our potential for living life in a deeply caring and beneficial way.

Happy Parent specifically supports parents in relating respectfully, harmoniously and skillfully in all circumstances, while unleashing unique gifts, strengths and talents for the benefit of all. Parents enjoy increasing happiness, stability and sanity. The results are immediately obvious to ourselves and our kids.

Each parenting training provides unique personalized instruction in the nature of intelligence, which is the key to harmonizing relationships, empowering ourselves and our children, enlivening gifts, strengths and talents and successfully accessing practical solutions in everyday life.

The results of the trainings are immediate. Ongoing support structure of the Happy Parent Support Network and access to worldwide community of empowered and open-hearted parents ensures lasting success.

Open Intelligence is spontaneous dedication to the benefit of all with deep care for everyone and everything. Life satisfaction, flourishing and generosity spring from within open intelligence.